Maggie Wilson and Victor Consunji Prenup Video - Talk of the Town

By now I'm sure you've already heard the latest buzz about Maggie Wilson and Victor Consunji Prenup Video. Started in Twitter, surfaced in Facebook and even in the pages of Philippine Daily Inquirer, everyone is talking about the Maggie Wilson and Victor Consunji prenup video. What's so special about this Maggie Wilson prenup video that everyone is talking about it? We've seen it and all we can say is that, very sensual indeed for a prenup that is.

Here's how PDI describes it.
The video, shot by wedding videographer Jason Magbanua, is the raciest prenup video we’ve ever seen. It shows VJ and former Bb. Pilipinas Maggie Wilson and real estate scion Victor Consunji in various states of undress, in bed, in the pool, in the car, kissing, touching, taking more clothes off.

Hot? Sexy? Wild? Tacky? Inappropriate? Practically pornographic? We’re still deciding.

Curious now? You're lucky, we've got the video. Just click the photo to watch the video at the bottom.

Maggie Wilson is a former Beauty Queen and also stars in the Kapuso show Beauty Queen. Victor Consunji, on the other hand, is a real estate scion. Video was shot by Jason Magbanua with Ian Cruz.