Angel Locsin Myra E TV Commerial Photo Stills

I'm sure you've already seen Angel Locsin's Myra-E TV Commercial on local channel. But in case you haven't been watching too many tv commercials lately, let me share you Angel Locsin's Myra-E TV commercial photo stills. Angel Locsin looking bubbly and cheerfully.

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Ellen Adarna on FHM Autograph Signing

The newest crush ng bayan, Ellen Adarna during the FHM Autograph Signing last December 10 at the Robinson's Movie World.

I was able to read the profile of Ellen Adarna on FHM pages and looks like that she's more on the misunderstood type of girl. Being raised in a high society with conyo friends and the like. She's really close to guys than girls, which explains her photos with different guys. They didn't take on her Ellen Adarna's scandalous pictures though. Must have been one of her secrets. But hey, she's famous because of that. Look at her now, she's a contract star of GMA Kapuso.

Hope to see more of Ellen Adarna this coming 2011. Happy New Year's to All!

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Sexy Paulene So and Karen Bordador Premiere Vixens Victory Party Photos

Paulene So and Karen Bordador, two of FHM's Premiere Vixens in this victory party photos. Too bad I wasn't able to attend this gathering. But thanks to PCF member who was very generous in sharing these sexy photos of Paulene So and Karen Bordador.

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Bangs Garcia Self Taken Photo at the Hospital

For some reason, an anonymous member of PCF has submitted this Bangs Garcia photo while in the hospital without any make up on and currently attached to a dextrose. I'm not sure on the cause of her hospitalization but it's worth to share.

Bangs Garcia at her not very best state, yet still looking hot.

Anne Curtis On The Set of "Who's that Girl?"

Anne Curtis on the set of her upcoming movie "Who's that Girl?". Anne Curtis is paired with her old flame Luis Manzano in this pre valentine movie under Viva films.

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Erich Gonzales on Jewels Clothing Behind the Scenes Pictorial

Erich Gonzales on Jewels clothing  behind the scenes pictorial. Thanks to Kulaki for these wonderful Erich Gonzales photos. Hope you could send us the actual photos next time.

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Lord and Taylor

Location: Lord and Taylor
City: New York City
Date: December 2010
Photographer: DerekBrad

Saks Fifth Avenue

Location: Saks
City: New York City
Date: December 2010
Photographer: DerekBrad