Toni Gonzaga and Friends

Toni Gonzaga and friends photos, who else but Mariel Rodriguez and Bianca Gonzales. But not only that, there's more. Iya Villania and others inside.

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Jacq Yu Sexy Photos

One of my Pinay Celebrity crush, Jacq Yu. Sexy.

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LJ Reyes Photos from FHM December 2009 Edition

Lj Reyes sexy photos from FHM December 2009 Edition. Truly sexy. But I think her body still needs to mature. Don't you think so?

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The Usual Pauleen Luna Bikini Photos

I'm not very sure if we've already posted these Pauleen Luna Bikini photos before. Just ignore if you've seen them. But for those who haven't, here's a treat for you. Pauleen Luna with the rest of Bubble Gang Barkada.

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Who's the Hottest Pinay Celebrity of 2009

Hey PCOnliners, we're doing a little survey for all of us here. We'd like to know who do you think is the Hottest Pinay Celebrity of 2009?

We've actually identified some who we think are the hottest of the Pinay Celebrity this year. They're as follows:
  • Anne Curtis
  • Angel Locsin
  • Angelica Panganiban
  • Cristine Reyes
  • Ellen Adarna
  • Heart Evangelista
  • Iwa Moto
  • Katrina Halili
  • Khristine Hermosa
  • Marian Rivera
  • Rhian Ramos
  • Or anyone who you think should be added but not included.
How to vote? Look at the right side, there's a poll where you may choose as many as you want. You may only vote once though.

We'll wrap this up on the last day of December so vote NOW!

Georgina Wilson for Bench's Hippie Holiday

Georgina Wilson for Bench's Hippie Holiday Ad campaign. She looks like a Barbie doll to me. Pretty face, very pretty indeed. Altho lacks some on the body part. Could have been perfect though.

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Georgina Wilson Hippie Holidays for Bench

The Miriam Quiambao Winning Pose

I was browsing for some photos the other night over friendster and saw this girl who has big resemblance with Miriam Quiambao. Haven't seeing Miriam Quiambao these days, we tried searching for her over google. And whoala, we found her in twitter - we're now following Miriam Quiambao's twitter.

And then suddenly we saw some of her photos and thought of putting it in here. Here's Miriam Quiambao Winning moments from a beauty pageant she joined before. Or at least how we imagine it.

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Miriam Quiambao

Iwa Moto Radio Tour Photos

One of my Starstruck graduate favorites - Iwa Moto doing her radio tour some months ago.

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Jef Gaitan Kulit Moments Photos

Survivor Philippines Palau castaway Jef Gaitan in these kulit moment photos. She's a lot thicker in these photos compared to the one of Survivor Philippines Palau.

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Dawn Zulueta Sexy Photos

One of my crush way from way back before - Dawn Zulueta. Now a mom to 2 kids, still got the looks.

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Georgina Wilson - Hottest Girl for Mo Twister

Georgina Wilson hot photos. I was actually listening to Good Times with Mo, Mojo and Grace Lee and Mo Twister was telling his story about Georgina Wilson. According to what I heard, Mo is drooling over Georgina Wilson.

Out of curiosity, we tried searching for her photos and twitter ( Well, I might agree with that. Georgina has a great face, but I haven't seen her body yet. So you be the judge. Is she drool worthy?

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Georgina Wilson Hot Photo

Georgina Wilson